Silvers Unlimited is a global movement to empower those citizens who believe that life begins after retirement!

There are a huge number of senior citizens who do not have a platform to express their needs and wants. Urban India and rural India are faced with a unique set of challenges where the Silver community is concerned. There are those who have health challenges and others who are forced to live in less than favorable circumstances. Sometimes, there are financial problems to deal with and for some who have lost their partner; it is a battle with loneliness.It is also true that with better health facilities, higher life span and a winning attitude, many senior citizens are in a position to live life to the fullest. Having met their larger responsibilities during their service period, now life is another experience altogether; an opportunity to explore newer ground, pursue hobbies, follow their dreams and realize higher goals.

Silvers Unlimited is Indian in spirit and global in vision. The objective is to unfold this noble and humane movement to the larger world – creating a massive unified ‘interest-group’, dedicated to opening up newer opportunities and unexplored frontiers for our seniors.

Many Silvers wish to work with NGOs to contribute to a social cause – such as working with the destitute or educating under-privileged children. There is also a large segment of Silvers who would like to consult with a corporate.

A typical behavioural trait of a Silver member is the wealth of experience and practicality that they bring in any setting. They add a definite world-view and far-sightedness to any discussion or work. This visionary approach can immensely aid mature corporate behaviour. These physically active and mentally robust Silvers have the dynamism, nerve and a positive energy that can make a significant difference to an organisation. Their methodical abilities, perfected with years of work, make them administratively superior and aid organisational thoroughness and discipline. A good example of this would be army officers who retire young and join Corporate forces in HR and Admin departments.

The scope is immense and opportunities for Silvers abound in the corporate world.

Non Government Organisations (NGOs) also offer immense possibilities for Silvers looking to contribute to the deprived sections of society. Silvers bring in an unreserved giving and comfort to the deprived such as destitute children, abused women and homeless elders.
Educational Institutions also place an immense importance to the value-add that Silvers bring with them. Many Silvers are consulting with schools and colleges in administrative capacity.

The world is now waking up to the various ways in which Silvers can contribute to the corporate and society, at large.
This is a novel approach to reach out to our Silver community – not only in India but also beyond its boundaries. It is that first step towards a global movement, to build that gigantic storehouse of experience under one umbrella – Silvers Unlimited!

Corporate and NGOs seeking out experienced Silvers for their projects have a readily available database. Designed to be easily negotiable with an ordered structure of networked links, Silvers Unlimited allows Silvers and organisations immediate access to urgent information – all at the click of the fingertips! And at no cost!

Silvers Unlimited is the dias that provides this community with an opportunity to spread their wings. This is the answer to their queries on travel and leisure, corporate opportunities, job postings, insurance and activity groups, to name a few.

—Silvers Unlimited is a non-profit service and advocacy organization.

—Silvers Unlimited is a national voice for older adults 
and the community organizations that serve them.

—Silvers Unlimited brings together non-profit organizations, businesses and government to develop creative solutions that improve the lives of all older adults.

—Silvers Unlimited works with organizations across the country to help seniors live independently, find jobs and benefits, improve their health and remain active in their communities.

—Silvers Unlimited is a single platform for seniors to access information on:

.        Job Opportunities

.        Business Opportunities

.        Voluntary Services

.        NGO Services

.        Personal Services

.        Travel and Tours

.        Legal Support…

Our focus is to create awareness of the scope of utilizing the talent, knowledge and capabilities of a group of people who, for want of opportunities, existing government laws, norms for formal employment, are unable to make their ageing productive. Today there are sections of society that cry for help, guidance, counseling, mentoring, and coaching skills of experienced seniors. The satisfaction and joy of helping, giving and sharing whatever one has accumulated over one’s lifespan, could be passed on for posterity in one way or the other. It’ll guarantee happiness, increase their own self worth and give the peace they crave for. The realization of their ability to do so would make them proud of themselves and set an example for others to follow.