Assignment Opportunities

Senior couple on laptop. Concept may be is shopping in internet

Nothing comes easy but seeking a career outside the home even after 58 is made possible through Silvers Unlimited. Productivity that will keep the mind and body agile is what its all about. It means finding employment to suit one’s particular needs in terms of time, interest and compensation.

Silvers Unlimited is a novel concept that opens up limitless possibilities for our Silver community to explore newer horizons. A global movement aimed at providing support to the Silver community, the Corporate can aid in providing the much needed ‘wind beneath its wings’. Silvers bring in a huge amount of experience, knowledge and beyond-measure wisdom. And the corporate stand to gain immensely by associating with Silvers professionally. A win-win situation for both!! Silvers add the dimensions of disciplined service and a world view in their approach. And the corporate benefits by incorporating this innate maturity and structured-thinking in their business strategy! The vast multi-disciplinary domain exposure is a huge value-add for most Corporate.

As a Silver, you have the time and also the inclination to continue your professional stint. You want to return to the corporate world – and this time, by choice! But where do you start?

You could register below with Silvers Unlimited to access a possible assignment opportunity as a full-time or part-time consultant. You could also freelance or associate on a contract basis.


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